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Identifying Opportunities

RHCP takes a proactive, fact-based approach to locating investment ideas. We believe detail is critical, and this extends to opportunity identification, screening, evaluation and investment planning.

At the heart of our investment identification process lies a series of value creation themes that we have developed in working with companies over many years. Rather than focusing on one industry or another, RHCP prefers its opportunity screening to be “industry agnostic”, concentrating instead on ascertaining whether or not companies across industries fit one or more of our value creation themes. Once an opportunity is deemed attractive, RHCP evaluates whether it is the “natural owner” for the deal or if a partner would add additional competency, enhancing the opportunity.

RHCP then assembles a comprehensive amount of objective data about companies across industries and screens to find companies that fit these criteria. We complement this fact-based screening
using interviews with industry observers, customers, and suppliers to bolster our data.

Our RHCP value creation themes are:
1. Underleveraged intangible assets (brands, relationships, intellectual property)
2. Sub-scale platforms
3. Customer expansion
4. Highly proprietary operating assets and processes
5. Cost and regulatory arbitrage
6. Family businesses with complex governance/succession challenges or ownership discord
7. Orphan units within larger businesses that are not getting the attention that their potential warrants.


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