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Creating Value

By starting our investment process with our RHCP value creation themes, RHCP ensures that value creation is our focus from the very beginning. Nearing the time when a transaction will be closed, our work is simply to begin deepening and refining our thinking around the value creation theme that originally led us to an investment opportunity.

As soon as a transaction has been consummated, we begin the process of building successive versions of our value creation blueprints for an investee organization. The value creation blueprint is an action plan for the company that will help management set a new trajectory for their organization. Importantly, RHCP co-creates these value creation blueprints with company management, since these are the individuals who will be responsible for executing the plans. The value creation blueprint is a living document, and successive versions are refined and updated through the closing process, frequently throughout the company’s first year as an RHCP company, and periodically throughout the life of the organization’s affiliation with RHCP.

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